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Installing Accelerator as a Windows Service


There is an option to install Flexmonster Accelerator as a Windows Service instead of using Console application. Main benefits of running Accelerator as a Windows Service are:

  • it’s running in the background and out of sight
  • it’s starting automatically on Windows startup
  • it’s harder for a user to inadvertently quit the application


  • Flexmonster Pivot Component version 2.2 or higher
  • Microsoft Analysis Services installed and configured
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher

Step 1: Configure Data Speed Accelerator on the server

Start installation using server/installer/Flexmonster Accelerator.msi setup file and follow the wizard. After successful installation you can run Flexmonster Accelerator Manager:fm-accelerator-manager

First of all, let’s review Config file. It contains following parameters:

  • CONNECTION_STRING – connection string for Microsoft Analysis Services. Example: Data Source=localhost;. Required.
  • PORT – port number for the proxy service endpoint. Optional. Default is 50005.
  • CACHE_MEMORY_LIMIT – size of maximum RAM memory available for cache (in MB). Optional. Default is 0 (unlimited).
  • CACHE_ENABLED – indicates whether the cache is enabled. Optional. Default is true. Available since version 2.211.

You can check the Accelerator is up and running by navigating to its URL in the browser (i.e. http://localhost:50005).

After configuration you can close Flexmonster Accelerator Manager – service will continue working in the background.

Step 2: Open a port for Data Speed Accelerator in the firewall

If it’s planned to allow connection to Data Speed Accelerator from outside of the server, you should open an appropriate port in the firewall. Default port number is 50005, but it may vary depending on PORT parameter in flexmonster.config file.

Step 3: Configure Flexmonster Pivot Component

Now it’s time to configure the client – Flexmonster Pivot Component. Let’s create a minimal configuration using JavaScript API (replace proxyUrl, catalog and cube parameters with your specific values):

var pivot = $("#pivotContainer").flexmonster({
	toolbar: true, 
	report: {
		dataSource: {
			dataSourceType: "microsoft analysis services",

			/* URL to the Data Speed Accelerator */
			proxyUrl: "http://localhost:50005",

			/* Catalog name */
			catalog: "Adventure Works DW Standard Edition",

			/* Cube name */
			cube: "Adventure Works",

			// Flag to use Data Speed Accelerator instead of XMLA protocol
			binary: true