How to make the XML default for the data?

I need to make XML for data. PHP, how to make the XML default for the data (fill and row).

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Antonina Krus Staff May 27, 2015

To create XML file with default configurations (data source, rows, columns) please use the following XML as a template and fill it with your values –

Then pass file URL to the embedPivotComponent() method:

var params = { configUrl : “config.xml”, licenseKey: “Z57T-132Y57-6M05-6A5L-3L3U-662O-686W-5A2F-5N4D-39” };
flexmonster.embedPivotComponent(“flexmonster/”, “pivotContainer”, “100%”, “615”, params, “html5”, true);

In addition, you can find detailed instructions regarding XML configuration in documentation:

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