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paging in drillthough


Hi is there any plans to support paging through drillthrough results? specifically using ssas?

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Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster April 25, 2017

Hello Michael,
Thank you for your question. For now, there are no plans on implementing such feature. Also could please describe your case with more details and why the scrolling does not solve it? Waiting for your feedback.
Best regards,

Michael Oborne April 27, 2017

We are pivoting on 4 million records, and often have drillthough’s with over 1000 rows. So paging through would stop any IE out of memory issues.

Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster April 27, 2017


Thank you for the explanation. I understand your problem. Unfortunately, we don’t have such feature. However, we are going to improve the memory consumption of the component in the next major release 2.4. I hope we will present it in the next two months. 


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