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Return error occurred in API

I need a way to return errors that occurred before sending the data to the flexmonster using a REST API.
As it is today when an API error occurs, only a generic error message appears in FLEXMONSTER, and we do not know the source of the problem

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Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster January 10, 2018

Hello, Cleyton,
Thank you for posting your question here.
We can suggest you the following scenario: if you add messages about API error into the response, we will show this response in addition to the message in our error pop-up window. Will this work for you?
Also, could you please specify your data source? Are you using Data Compressor for .NET?

Cleyton Barroso 6 days ago

Hello Tanya
I am using Data Compressor for .NET, Is there any way to return the error for it?
The first option you offered me does not work for my scenario.

Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster 3 days ago

Hello Cleyton,
Thank you for the update. For now, it is not possible to pass the error message from .Net Compressor. We are expecting to add such feature in the nearest releases for you. As we see it, the component should be able to get the error message from the response and display it in UI pop-up. If you know a better way of achieving the necessary behavior please let us know.
Waiting for the update from you.
Best regards,

Cleyton Barroso 3 days ago

Thanks for the feedback.
If you can show the return in a Pop-up will be very good !.
I’ll wait for the update.

Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster 3 days ago

Hello Clayton
Thank you for the clarification. We will notify you of the results, ETA Jan 29.

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