Viewing Second Level in Hierarchy

I have a dimension defined in Mondrian as:

    <Dimension name="Payee" foreignKey="payee_id">
        <Hierarchy hasAll="true" allMemberName="All Payees" defaultMember="All Payees" primaryKey="payee_id">
            <Table name="residuals_dim_payees" schema="star"/>
            <Level name="State" column="state"/>
            <Level name="Name" column="name"/>

This shows up in FlexMonster as “Payee” but with the payee value being the State value.  I can then expand the state on each cell individually if desired.
However, in other tools like Saiku, I can pull the second level value, Name, and use it directly to get rows of names combined with a measure.  Is this possible with FlexMonster?

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Roman Petrusha Staff June 16, 2016

This feature will be available in the next release 2.3 (ETA Sep 2016). We already have many requests for this feature from our customers. 

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