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Cell Object

Object which contains information about the cell. It has the following properties:

  • columnIndex – Number. Index of the cell column.
  • rowIndex – Number. Index of the cell row.
  • label – String. Cell label.
  • value – Number. Cell value.
  • type – String. Type of the cell. Can be "header" or "value".
  • isDrillThrough – Boolean. Indicates whether the cell is from the grid (false) or from the drill through pop-up (true).
  • isTotal – Boolean. Identifies whether the cell contains total value.
  • hierarchy – Object. Hierarchy connected with the cell.
  • measure – Object. Measure connected with the cell.
  • member – Object. Member connected with the cell.
  • rows – Array of objects. Cell row tuple.
  • columns – Array of objects. Cell column tuple.
  • height – Number. Cell height in px.
  • width – Number. Cell width in px.
  • x – Number. Absolute X position of the cell on the page.
  • y – Number. Absolute Y position of the cell on the page.

Use getCell() API call to get information about the cell by row and column indexes or getSelectedCell() to get the selected cell.