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In the Data Visualisation Rush

Data volumes which can be easily produced and accumulated nowadays are enormous but revealing their advantages is harder than ever. What we still need is complex and erratic information to be presented with clarity, efficiency and precision. For this purpose, we have a variety of data visualisation tools at our disposal, but in a rush, we can easily slip into vivid visualisation effects and lose benefits of the systematic approach of working with data.

Therefore in anticipation of lifting Flexmonster Pivot Table Component to a new level, we start a series of weekly blogs about data visualisation. We will go all the way through often neglected basics to everyday tips for making your visual communication better. Let us start with a quick review of three key principles of the qualitative data visualisation. (more…)

Flexmonster Licensing Models: Which One to Choose?

After the Component evaluation you could probably face the question: what licensing model to choose? With this blog post we will help you to make the right decision when you are trying to get the most suitable licensing model for your project.

There are two main licensing models for Flexmonster Component usage:

Connecting to SQL Databases: Fast data loading with updated Flexmonster Data Compressor for .NET, Java, PHP

If you are the one who has already used our Compressor, we have good news for you about important updates that our team recently implemented. And if you haven’t tried it yet, please read the information and don’t delay using it.

Whom it may concern:  All who works with relational data.

Flexmonster development team has updated Flexmonster Data Compressor - the special server-side compression tool that helps you to increase data loading speed from a server to customer’s browser and makes data loading notably faster. (more…)

Flexmonster 2.3 Version Roadmap: So, What’s The Plan?

Along with our minor releases that come every 2 weeks as the improvements to 2.2 version, our team is also working non-stop on the new major release. The work on 2.3 version is already underway and we think it would be fair to share our plans with you.

The direction we chose is based on our customers requests, support cases that we have received and also the new trends on the analytics market today.

Сertainly, it’s just a small part of all improvements that will be included in 2.3. release but still the noteworthy ones.

New features in 2.3 version are coming this autumn:


Flexmonster 2.2 Release: Show Your Data 10 Times Faster!

Flexmonster Team is pleased to announce that Flexmonster 2.2 version is released. This release is packed out of new powerful instruments that allow to increase the static and multidimensional data load speed tenfold for both server and client-side solutions.

It’s all about SPEED! In this release our team fully focused on the data transfer. (more…)

Observe Your Business Goals With Flexmonster KPIs

One of the most important tools that analytical experts use for analyzing data is key performance indicators (KPIs). Flexmonster constantly monitors the latest trends and couldn’t help adding this feature to the Component. Usually a company needs to observe conditions of sales, profits, expenses, sold units etc. For such analysis they need KPIs - measurable or comparable metrics that are used to define and grade performance of a given measure. Indicators are determined based on company goals. It gives organizations the opportunity to assess their state and helps in forming development strategies, allows to control a business activity in real time. (more…)

Still Haven’t Tried Our CSV Compressor? The New Compressors For Java and PHP Are Already Available In New Release

Fast data loading - the important aspect that affects the ease of data analysis for users. A lot of researches show that page loading time directly influences the rise and fall of your business income. Even 1 second delay in page response can result in 7-10% reduction in conversions. Does it matter? - Sure! With our CSV Compressor you can show reports faster for your end-users. Time is money so don’t waste it using slow solutions. (more…)

Flexmonster Data Speed Accelerator For OLAP Cubes: We Show Multidimensional Data 10 Times Faster!

Everyone who has ever worked with multidimensional databases analysis has most probably faced with the problem finding a suitable component that not only performs all required functions but also executes them fast. Flexmonster solved this problem and created Flexmonster Data Speed Accelerator for OLAP cubes - a special server-side proxy that helps you to increase data loading speed from server to customer's browser tenfold.

Working with OLAP cubes, a browser component is communicating with the server via XMLA protocol. It's no secret that the XMLA protocol is heavy and exchanges a lot of excessive information. Thus, it takes too much time and memory to load and process the data.


What we did? (more…)

Flexmonster 2.2 Release Is Coming Soon: What to Expect?

We are slightly opening the veil of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component 2.2 Release.

It’s all about SPEED! In this release our team fully focused on the data transfer. (more…)

Flexmonster Component Evolution: From Version 1.3 to 2.1

In far 2010 we were pleased to release 1.3 version of Flexmonster Component to public for the first time. Since then the product has been polished and improved by our team according to the requirements of time and needs of our beloved customers. And now it has become a high-quality reporting tool with strong features used by more than 300 companies worldwide.

The development of the component, new features improvements and all enhancements at all stages of the component’s evolution you can find below: (more…)

Flexmonster presents a new “Questions & Answers” section on the website to make our communication even more productive!

We have great news for you! We receive a huge number of your questions all the time and always try to respond as soon as possible to answer these or to solve any of the issues that you may experience while using our component. Our team is always ready to help, whether you are only reviewing and testing or already doing an integration within your solution. Responsiveness and responsibility are the primary principles of our company. Now Flexmonster has become even closer to our valuable customers.

We present a new "Questions & Answers" section on our website. This service is designed to make our website more convenient for users and to provide the ability to get the product information that you need even faster than before.

How does it work?


Flexmonster to Stop Releasing Flash Version: Focusing on HTML5

Flexmonster will completely focus on the development of HTML5 version of Pivot Component and is going to STOP releasing new Flash and Flex versions in the nearest time. The new release 2.2, the last one with the Flash version, is expected this autumn!

Flexmonster keeps moving with the times and tries to meet new needs and requirements our customers demand that often requires using the latest available technologies and tools. Over the years we have managed to create high-quality Pivot Table & Charts Flash component for our clients. It's no news that every day Flash is becoming less popular among users while HTML5 is spread on majority of modern devices, is more secure and opens more opportunities for visualizing data for end users. That is why a year ago we released a new version of Flexmonster that included not only updated Flash/Flex web-component but also HTML5 version. Still, we continued applying development efforts to both versions, thus we were simultaneously enhancing them both. (more…)