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What’s new in Winter’12 Release v1.5: Conditional Formatting

Flexmonster is about to release a brand new version of the Pivot Table & Charts component, version 1.5. One of the features we are proud of is ability to apply conditional formatting, right as most users used to do in Microsoft Excel.

Conditional formatting empowers ability to focus even more on the trends and information that has to bring attention. (more…)

Compare Pivot Table and Chart Components for OLAP. Part 2

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Welcome back! In this post we continue comparing Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component to current best offerings on the market. (more…)

Compare Pivot Table and Chart Components for OLAP. Part 1

In the previous post we gave a brief look over the short list of OLAP data visualization tools and components over the market. Today we will compare the most popular offerings on the market as well as evaluate them versus critical aspects for each business decision maker.

These we consider as important aspects for business intelligence facts analysis. The list also serves as a legend for our comparison table. (more…)

Overview of Pivot Table Components for OLAP

Pivot table is a popular feature many can find in Microsoft Excel and use to analyze interactively large mass of facts. The robustness of this analysis type allows many to extract trends and patterns that are located inside the data. Pivot table allows you to organize and summarize this information, focus only on the most relevant data and extract the most meaningful business analysis facts.

As the office software moved into cloud with Google Docs and similar applications, a global necessity of web applications that are capable to analyse OLAP cubes has risen. Our team has prepared our own short list on other available OLAP Data Mining and cross-tab reporting tools available currently on the market. (more…)

Troubleshooting OLAP/XMLA Connectivity

Today we will talk about common troubles when you try to connect to OLAP cube with Pivot Table & Charts component. Feel free also to use our SQL Analysis Services Diagnostics Tool to verify the connectivity.

I get a "Invalid datasource or catalog." error.

Please check back on the Catalog and Cube fields as one of them may be leading to the non-existing resource.

I get a "Error #2032" error.

You have to verify your XMLA-enabled OLAP cube server is up and responds fine. The easiest way is to first verify the server is available by http, so you may open the direct URL up in the browser:

  • For Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian) -
  • For Microsoft SQL Analysis Services -


Showcase: Connect Pivot Table and Chart Components to XMLA based OLAP Cube

With the Flexmonster pivot table component you can connect to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (2005, 2008) or Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian) as well as any other business intelligence software that supports XMLA standard.
Follow these simple steps to get your Pivot connected to XMLA-based OLAP cube: (more…)