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NEW! Flexmonster 2.3 Release: Extended Opportunities for Your Reporting

Get ready to download the new version! Yes, Flexmonster 2.3 is released.

The new features that will help any integrator to use our сomponent even easier in their applications, better interface and possibilities for end-users to extend their reporting greatly - all this and more you will find in the new release.

New Editions: What’s The Change and Which One to Choose?

Here they come - new editions that were introduced together with 2.3 release. This means that if you are a holder of the previous edition - Premium, Advanced, Site or Professional - it will be automatically replaced with a new one that fully matches your usage. This happens when you update to the 2.3 version. Such change of the edition does not require additional payments as it is done in terms of your maintenance. Thus, we want it to happen as smoothly as possible, so please follow the descriptions and instructions below. (more…)

Use Flexmonster Pivot Table with Any 3rd Party Visualization Tools in Upcoming 2.3 Version

The new 2.3 release greatly extends users’ possibilities and allows visualizing more complex data from our Pivot table with popular 3rd party visualization tools. (more…)

Improved UI Controls For Mobile Applications In Upcoming 2.3 Release

Our clients have a chance to use mobile version of web Pivot Table & Charts component for a long time. There is no news that Flexmonster pivot is a cross-platform component and allows clients to process massive amounts of data as good as a standalone desktop solution. Depending on a device controls adaptively render reports and ensure the usability of the Pivot Component.


The Upcoming 2.3 Version Feature: Better Compatibility With Popular JS Frameworks

What's all this about:

It’s known that web based Flexmonster Pivot component integrates with any JavaScript frameworks. However, sometimes it was a challenge for our customers to integrate the pivot into the needed framework due to their huge variety. Surely, we helped in solving those issues but it took some time. Caring about customers’ time we came to minimizing the efforts when combining the Component with a js framework by creating a solution.

What we did: (more…)

The art of collecting, cleaning and storing small data. Part 2

Previously we listed few useful tips on collecting small data. Data cleaning is what typically goes next. Thus, today we are going to emphasise four crucial ideas which can help you save valuable time, avoid headaches and conduct qualitative data analysis. (more…)

The art of collecting, cleaning and storing small data. Part 1.


In our last blog, we presented a data definition framework. Among all data categories from internal and external sources, human generated data may be crucial for a company. Also, even in the era of Big Data spreadsheets are still very commonly used in small companies and corporations. In other words, there are millions of people collecting and working with the small data type of data which can be easily fitted in an Excel spreadsheet. (more…)

What data do you have? A Data Definition Framework


In the last blog, we discussed data visualisation mistakes everyone can make. Also, we all know that the quality of any data visualisation and data analysis is conditional on the quality of the data. During data analysis, a proper new finding can be revealed only if data is accurate and trustworthy. Thus, this time, we are going to look deeper at types of data with an eye to ordering and understanding your data assets better. (more…)

In numbers we trust?

Our business life and much of our experiences are grounded on the credence to numbers. We trust numbers as the means to reaching truth and objectivity in analysis, as well as confidence in conclusions. They tell us about the variety of important subjects, moreover, they present a distinction between what is accepted as harmless and what is supposed to be dangerous. And since data-driven decisions define the further course of actions we with the same rigour long for objectivity through numbers in business reports and in health issues.

What gets measured gets done


In the last blogs, we mostly focused on few universal aspects of business reporting. We discussed data visualisation and storytelling impact on perception and effectiveness of business reports. This time, in order to reach more concrete insights, we will concentrate more on marketing analytics. (more…)

Localize Pivot Component to Your Business Needs

The basic feature of a quality flexible component is its custom ability and localization to your project's needs. Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component can be easily localized, so it can be shown in English for US and in French for France or to any other language your users used to. Doing localization as seamless as possible is one of the tasks we have implemented in a convenient way for Flexmonster Pivot integration developers.

Story is in the air


Beforehand I wrote about the impact of data visualisation on business reports. Hopefully, arguments based on how our brain perceives and decodes information were quite compelling for you. Further, we will examine some underlying ideas which also have a huge influence on the effectiveness of your business reports.