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[starting from version: 2.4]

It is triggered after grid rendering. Use beforegriddraw right before rendering.

Data passed to the handler

params – Object which has the following parameter:

  • smooth – Boolean. There are two types of grid draw: grid draw that adds row/column scroll and grid draw that adds pixel scroll. As a result, aftergriddraw is called twice. The first time it is called with smooth: false and it means that grid draw with row/column scroll has ended. The second time aftergriddraw is called with smooth: true and it means that grid draw with pixel scroll has ended.


1) How to use aftergriddraw:

flexmonster.on('aftergriddraw', function (e) {
	if (e.smooth == false)
    	console.log('After grid draw with row/column scroll!');
    	console.log('After grid draw with pixel scroll!');

Open the example on JSFiddle.

2) How to use aftergriddraw for styling rows based on the conditional formatting: live demo.

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