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API reference
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All methods

Flexmonster Connector for amCharts has methods for requesting data from Flexmonster Pivot, passing it to amCharts, and getting the number format defined in Flexmonster.

This API reference provides descriptions for all the Connector’s methods. For integration details, refer to the guide on integration with amCharts.

List of the Connector’s methods

amcharts.getData() requests data from Flexmonster and preprocesses it for amCharts
amcharts.getCategoryName() returns the name of a field representing a category in data for the chart
amcharts.getMeasureNameByIndex() returns the name of a measure with the specified index from data for the chart
amcharts.getNumberOfMeasures() returns the total amount of available measures in the slice
amcharts.getNumberFormatPattern()  converts the component’s number format to the amCharts number formatting string