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collapseCell(axisName: string, tuple: string[], measureName: string)

[starting from version 2.9.6]

Collapses a specific node on the grid and charts.


  • axisName — String. The node’s axis. It can be either "rows" or "columns".
  • tuple — Array of strings. Consists of member unique names that identify the node in the table.
  • measureName optional — String. The measure’s unique name. Use the measureName to collapse a node only for a specific measure when:
    • The slice has several measures.
    • The node to collapse is nested in measures.
    If the measureName is not defined, the node will be collapsed for all measures used in the slice.


1) Collapse a specific node:

flexmonster.collapseCell("rows", ["Accessories", "Canada"]);

See the full code on JSFiddle.

2) Collapse a specific node for a specific measure:

flexmonster.collapseCell("rows", ["Canada"], "Price");

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