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  • getMembersAsync

    [starting from version: 2.9]

    getMembersAsync(uniqueName: String, memberName: String): Promise<Object[]>

    Returns a Promise object that resolves to an array of members for the specified hierarchy. Learn more about the array’s structure and method’s parameters in getMembers.


    flexmonster.getMembersAsync("Category").then(members => {
        item => console.log(item);
    /* getMembersAsync method returns array of objects 
        "uniqueName": "category.[accessories]",
        "caption": "Accessories",
        "parentMember": "category.[(all member)]",
        "isLeaf": true,
        "children": []
        "uniqueName": "category.[bikes]",
        "caption": "Bikes",
        "parentMember": "category.[(all member)]",
        "isLeaf": true,
        "children": []

    See an example on JSFiddle.

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