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[starting from version: 2.8.17]

It is triggered when the Accelerator or the custom data source API server sends the 401 Unauthorized error in response to a Flexmonster’s request. Only for "api" and "microsoft analysis services" data source types.

Data passed to the handler

  • callbackHandler – Function. It can be used to resend the request to the Accelerator or to the custom data source API server. callbackHandler accepts an Object that can have the following parameters:
    • requestHeaders – Object. New request headers can be specified here.


unauthorizederror can be used to automatically refresh authorization headers and resend the request in case of the 401 Unauthorized error:

flexmonster.on('unauthorizederror', function (callbackHandler) {
  // other actions
  // pass new request headers and resend the request
    requestHeaders: {
       AuthToken: "XXX"

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