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Angular Pivot Table with FusionCharts

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts seamlessly integrates with FusionCharts — an interactive and responsive charting library with modern charts and data-driven maps.

Let’s have a look at this Angular pivot table example in combination with interactive FusionCharts. We used data about revenue from different traffic channels and countries to show you the visualization result in a dashboard form.

Flexmonster and FusionCharts create together an effective self-service analytic tool for Angular. Workable UI and powerful functionality, as well as fast configuration, make this integration perfect for end-users to create impressive reports and gain new insights.

Top Countries by Revenue

Use different kinds of visualization to detect data patterns and useful insights from the same data just in a few clicks. Change the pivot table slice by filtering the members and see the changes on the charts right away.

Top Traffic Sources
Revenue per Month

How does it work? You can swiftly aggregate data from any data source with our Angular pivot grid and then visualize them with the charting library most effectively thanks to our special FusionCharts connector.

Follow our integration with FusionCharts guide to design a modern Angular data visualization dashboard with just a few lines of code.