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Integration with Google Charts

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts seamlessly integrates with Google Charts – a web service for data visualization. Using these tools together, you can create a well-designed interactive dashboard and embed it into any application.

Dashboard analytics is a perfect instrument to assist in making data-driven decisions. With its help, end-users can highlight specific metrics, answer complex business questions, and communicate insights to the audience.

Income, Expenses, and Profit

Dashboards with Flexmonster and Google Charts can be interactive: changes applied to the pivot table’s report are reflected in charts in an instant. Thankfully to this real-time behavior, end-users can look at the data from different angles on the fly.

Top 5 Countries by Sales

With our Integration with Google Charts guide, you can learn how to configure a dashboard with Flexmonster and Google Charts.

The entire process is straightforward: add the pivot table and charts to the web page and make both components communicate via the specially prepared charting connector.