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  • Configurations reference

    This guide describes the available configurations for Flexmonster Accelerator. To install the Accelerator, refer to the installation guide.

    Available configurations

    Flexmonster Accelerator can be configured in the flexmonster.config file. It contains the following parameters:

    CONNECTION_STRINGThe connection string for Microsoft Analysis Services. Example: Data Source=localhost;. This parameter is required.
    PORToptional The port number for the proxy service endpoint.
    Default value: 50005.
    CACHE_ENABLEDoptional Indicates whether caching is enabled.
    Default value: true (caching is enabled).
    CACHE_MEMORY_LIMIToptional the maximum memory size available for caching (in MB).
    Default value: 0 (unlimited).
    GZIPoptional Indicates whether server response compression is enabled.
    Default value: true (compression is enabled).
    HTTPSoptional Indicates whether the HTTPS connection is enabled.
    Default value: false (HTTPS is disabled).
    WINDOWS_AUTHoptional Indicates whether Windows authentication is enabled.
    Note: when you are changing WINDOWS_AUTH from true to false, the Windows service restart is needed to apply the changes.
    Default value: false (Windows authentication is disabled).
    ALLOW_ORIGINoptional The origin from which the server accepts the requests.
    If ALLOW_ORIGIN is set to *, requests from all origins are accepted. Note that if authentication is enabled (WINDOWS_AUTH=true), * cannot be set as the origin. In this case, specific origins must be defined. Several origins can be defined as follows: ALLOW_ORIGIN = http://localhost,
    Default value: *.

    Azure Analysis Services configurations

    To connect to Azure Analysis Services with Flexmonster Accelerator, additionally specify the following parameters:

    AZURE_AUTHORITYThe Azure authority URL (e.g.,<your_domain>). Learn more in the Microsoft guide.
    AZURE_CLIENT_IDThe client ID of the service principal registered in Azure Active Directory.
    AZURE_CLIENT_SECRETThe client secret of the service principal registered in Azure Active Directory.

    Setting configurations

    Flexmonster Accelerator can be configured via the flexmonster.config file. To open this file, use Flexmonster Accelerator Manager:

    Step 1. Run Flexmonster Accelerator Manager:


    Step 2. Click the Config button to open the flexmonster.config file.

    Step 3. Set the necessary configuration parameters.

    Step 4. Restart the Accelerator using the Accelerator Manager: click the Stop button and then click Start.

    When the configuration is finished, you can close Flexmonster Accelerator Manager.

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