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About adding new charts themselves

sodbayar Erdenebaatar asked on December 19, 2020
  1. We are looking for an easy way to develop our chart using getData Function. Is there any easier way? 
  2. Can we develop a new chart with changed rules using the default line chart code? But your code is encrypted. How can we find a non-encrypted code of Flexmonster?
  3. Or can you develop a chart for us?

Please help us

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Milena Pechura Milena Pechura Flexmonster December 23, 2020

Hello, Sodbayar,
Thank you for your questions.
Please find the answers for each point below.

  1. Using the getData function is a recommended approach, which supports different chart types and use-cases. This function is well documented in the Charts section of our site. Also, we provide a lot of examples showing the usage of getData. To sum up, according to our experience getData is the most convenient way of connecting to charts.
    Please note that you are welcome to ask any questions regarding this function on the forum. We will be glad to help you out.
  2. Our team would like to kindly explain that the code of the default line chart can not be changed: we provide only encrypted code of Flexmonster Pivot.
    However, we would like to mention that Flexmonster can be integrated with popular charting libraries such as HighchartsamChartsGoogle Charts, and FusionCharts. Integrating Flexmonster with other charting libraries is also possible – see Integration with any charting library. We kindly suggest visiting the sites of the mentioned libraries to choose a preferable chart.
  3. We would like to inform you that our roadmap is full at the moment. Our team kindly recommends considering the option to use third-party charting libraries. Please refer to the previous point for further details.

Hope it helps!
Kind regards,

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