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About Save web pivot table & charts

mauro.p asked on June 10, 2016

I download  a trial version of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component  for my web projects.
The  Load & Save Reports demo’s  “Save local” fucntion  can save “report.xml”  to local machine.

But I want save this file to Server machine,next time loading this saved report.xml. 
So , Can I get report.xml file content and save content in a page control ? such as textbox。
Thank you in advance!

1 answer

Roman Petrusha Flexmonster June 11, 2016

Yes, sure, you can save report file on your server.
Please use the following syntax:'myreport.xml', 'server', '', '');
Please note that the server-side script should be created on your back-end to be able save reports to the server. And an url parameter is the path to this server-side script.
More information about JavaScript API you can find here:

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