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Activate the Layout options in the toolbar

Alejandro Rodriguez asked on July 15, 2020

Since we activate our Perpetual license (standard edition) the layout options icon is not showed in the toolbar. Here is part of our code:  
var jsonData = msg;
new Flexmonster({
container: “#pivot-container-costos”,
global: {
localization: “loc/es.json”
componentFolder: “”,
width: “100%”,
height: 500,
toolbar: true,
report: {
dataSource: {
data: jsonData

1 answer

Mykhailo Halaida Mykhailo Halaida Flexmonster July 16, 2020

Hi Alejandro,
Thank you for posting your question.
To start with, are you currently using the beforetoolbarcreated event for toolbar customization? If so, it would help us greatly if you could provide us with the code the corresponding event handler that you’re using to customize the toolbar.
In case a custom toolbar hasn’t been set up in your Flexmonster instance, the default toolbar might not display all of the tabs if the Flexmonster container is too narrow – if this is the case, some of the tabs are hidden in order for the toolbar to be displayed correctly. With that in mind, we would suggest widening the Flexmonster container to make sure all the tabs are displayed in the toolbar.
We are also planning to make toolbar responsive in the next minor release ETA Jul 27th – that is, the tabs will not get hidden once the container becomes too narrow. Instead, the toolbar will become scrollable and all of the tabs will be accessible regardless of the container size.
Please let us know if this helps.
Best regards,

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