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Are there any use case examples of pre-loaded reports from toolbar open drop-down?

Stacey asked on February 21, 2020

In working with a team evaluating Flexmonster before purchase, we’re looking for examples of the pre-loaded report option in use. Is it possible to see a demonstration or link to an example of this?  The answer received by another asking a similar question on the forum here is below.  We’re interested in the option to have complex pre-built report lists available to end-users to choose from without requiring them to save to their local drive and loading them. The Open API Call from a URL example in the response seems to do this but without showing how this appears from the Toolbar’s ‘Open’ drop down.  An example of how this would look would be helpful for our evaluation. 
Referenced forum response:
The report object allows saving and retrieving the configuration of the pivot. Flexmonster provides the possibility to open or load the JSON file containing the report object.
E.g., it is achievable by using the Toolbar. Hovering the “Open” button entails appearing of a drop-down allowing to open a local report or load it from the specified URL. It is also possible to create custom controls using load and open API calls provided by Flexmonster. More information about the mentioned methods in our documentation:

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Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster February 24, 2020

Hello, Stacey,
Thank you for contacting us.
In case the desired result is to give the end-user the possibility to open one of the predefined reports stored remotely using UI controls, we suggest considering the possibility of the Toolbar customization.
Please check out an example we have prepared in order to demonstrate the mentioned approach.
The idea is to customize an appropriate tab of the Toolbar or add a custom one, overriding or specifying its handler. An example demonstrates overriding of the drop-down list appearing when the “Open” tab hovers. The handler of the added menu item is the following:

handler: () => {

As can be seen, it uses the API call load you have mentioned in your question.
Adding more tabs to the menu of the Toolbar’s tab can be one of the possible approaches while implementing the desired functionality.
You are welcome to find out the detailed information about the Toolbar customization from our tutorial.
Please contact us in case any additional questions on this point arise.
Best regards,

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