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"beforetoolbarcreated" muted on second instance of pivot

Sengupta asked on January 27, 2017

Hi there,
Is beforetoolbarcreated a static event which fires only for the first instance of pivot?
If I open one instance of pivot and then another one, the second insatnce doesn’t fire beforetoolbarcreated.
Load the attached html file, open console and click “Load Report” twice
For first click, following output should appear on the console.
For second click
appears, “customizeToolbar” not excuted hence “beforetoolbarcreated” seems muted after first instance.

2 answers

Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster January 27, 2017

Hello Anirban,
Thank you for the question.
It looks like an issue and will be fixed in the next minor release 2.309 (ETA Feb 13).
Also, you can use a workaround to customize all instances of the toolbar by overriding FlexmonsterToolbar.prototype.
Please take a look at the following sample – http://jsfiddle.net/flexmonster/9r178ks3/
Does it work for you?

Sengupta January 27, 2017

@Ian Sadovy
Thanks for the update.
It will work for me. Cheers!

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