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Maria Cristina Debuayan asked on April 20, 2017

I set my flexmonster config with CACHE_ENABLED=false
then i tried to add new record in mysql DB without restarting the accelerator but the new data is not reflected in the grid.
please advise.
thank you.

1 answer

Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster April 20, 2017

Hello Maria,
Thank you for the question.
Accelerator for Mondrian has two levels of cache: 

  • Accelerator cache (controlled by CACHE_ENABLED parameter)
  • Mondrian cache

Mondrian cannot deduce when the database is being modified, so we introduce a method to force clearing the cache.
It works by triggering the ClearCache as follows: http://localhost:50006/FlexmonsterProxy/ClearCache
Hope it helps.

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