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Calculated Field Using "percentofcolumn"

John W asked on August 21, 2017

I am trying to use the “percentofcolumn” function in a calculated field.  I can’t get it to return the correct value.  The attached image shows a single provider’s data.  They have a total of 84 patient notes.  18 are “Draft”, 60 are “Final”, and 6 are “Missing”. 
The “Pct Missing” column is correct, and it uses the following formula:
     sum(“Missing Note”) / count(“Pat ID”)
The “Pct of Col Missing Note” column uses the following formula:
     percentofcolumn(“Missing Note”)
The problem is that I think the values for “Pct of Col Missing Note” are incorrect.  I think the “Missing” row should display “100%” in the column, and the “BRACAMONTE,AMANDA C” row should display “7.14%” ( 6 / 84 = .0714), not “43.48%”.  Maybe I don’t understand how the “percentofcolumn” function should work.  Can you tell me how it came up with “43.48%”?
Thank you,


2 answers

John W August 21, 2017

You do not need to respond to my question.  I have figured out what I did wrong.  This is what the “percentofcolumn” function does:
     6 / 18722 (grand total of all rows for all Providers)
     6 / 84 (total of all “Missing” for the Provider “BRACAMONTE,AMANDA C”
I didn’t understand how that function works.

Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster August 22, 2017

Hello John,
Thank you for your question. Glad it was solved.
Please let us know if anything else comes up.

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