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call flexmonster-data-server.exe server from react native app

Igor asked on May 22, 2020

Hello guys,
i am in the process of evaluating the control and I am trying to populate the grid in the React app with some data from mssql. First, here is how I update the flexmosnter-config.json:
“DataSources”: [
“Type”: “database”,
“DatabaseType”: “mssql”,
“ConnectionString”: “Server=mydb;Uid=username;Pwd=password;Database=TestDB”,
“Indexes”: {
“TestDB”: {
“Query”: “SELECT * FROM TestTable;”
“Enabled”: false
“AllowOrigin”: “*”
“DataRefreshTime”: “60”
“Port”: “9500”
when i run the exe, i get this:
2020-05-22 15:19:06.4003|INFO|Flexmonster.DataServer.Core.PrepopulatingCacheService|Start loading index TestDB
2020-05-22 15:19:06.7212|INFO|Flexmonster.DataServer.Core.PrepopulatingCacheService|Index TestDB was loaded in 0.31771 seconds
2020-05-22 15:19:06.7212|INFO|Flexmonster.DataServer.Core.PrepopulatingCacheService|Prepopulating finished. Total time spent: 0.31771 seconds
2020-05-22 15:19:06.7800|INFO|Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime|Now listening on: http://[::]:9500
it seems wrong, that it doesn’t even say “http://localhost:9500”
And in the React app i tried this:

         report = {
            dataSource: {
                type: “api”,
                url: “http://localhost:9500”,
                index: “TestDB”

And it doesnt work. Can someone help me out? Thank you in advance.

1 answer

Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster May 25, 2020

Hello, Igor,
Thank you for reaching out to us.
It would be useful for our research if you could specify whether React or React Native is used.
Also, please describe the behavior of the component after trying to connect to Flexmonster Data Server. Do you see any alerts appearing on the screen or exceptions in your browser’s console?
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

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