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Can function buttons be customized?

xingyu asked on May 11, 2022

I’m looking at a .NET Core server instance downloaded from github.
Can function buttons be customized? I want to add some conditions myself, but it’s a bit out of tune with Flexmonster.
For example, the green button in the upper right corner of P1 is some conditions that we need to select when using this query page. A query is the fetch that triggers the data.
If I can’t customize it, can I hide the button and leave only the data area?


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Solomiia Andrusiv Solomiia Andrusiv Flexmonster May 11, 2022

Thank you for your question.
Our team wants to inform you that Toolbar can be fully customized using the beforetoolbarcreated event. 
You can add new tabs as in the example:
You can also hide the Toolbar if needed. Toolbar is hidden by default, so you can omit the toolbar property when creating Flexmonster instance or explicitly set it to false:

new Flexmonster({
   container: ...,
   toolbar: false,

Here’s a JSFiddle for reference:
For more information, please look through our docs:
Kindly note that in our DLL example on GitHub, you can find Flexmonster instance in the wwwroot/js/site.js.
Hope it helps. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

Solomiia Andrusiv Solomiia Andrusiv Flexmonster 4 days ago


Hope you are having a great week.

Just checking in to ask if you had some time to try the suggested approach of customizing the Toolbar. Could you please let us know if it helps?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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