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Can we open another dataset while clicking on the cell of the pivot table

Ranjith asked on January 26, 2021

Hi I have a pivot (falt view) with some base data if I click on any cell I will need to open another pivot using a new set of data is that possible?

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster January 27, 2021

Hello, Ranjith,
Thank you for your question.
Yes, it is possible to open another pivot on cell click.
This can be achieved using Flexmonster’s cellclick event.
Please see the following JSFiddle for illustration:
In the example, when a cell is clicked, a new pivot table is created.
Depending on the use case, here are a few more examples that may be of interest:

  1. Customizing the context menu to open a new pivot table:
  2. Customizing the context menu to open a new pivot in a pop-up:

Please let us know if this helps.
Kind regards,

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