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Can we show custom error message when data loading has errors ?

Ganesh Modak asked on October 16, 2018

Hi Team,
We are using flexmonster to view reports based on SQL datasource with Java. While loading data, when a SQLException occurs, it just shows “Unable to open” error. Can we show specific error message based on exception thrown from server side ?
I am aware of  flexmonster.on(‘dataerror’, function () {}), but in this case we cannot intercept the server exception, I guess.

1 answer

Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster October 16, 2018

Hello Ganesh,
Thank you for your question. In the version 2.6.5, we have added a new alert() API call which allows showing custom warning pop-ups. Please have a look at the following page for more information:
In case, it is possible to catch the error on the server side you can stop the data transfer and call the alert() API call.
Please let us know if the suggested approach works fine for you.

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