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Cannot export a chart to pdf – html2canvas is not defined

Hannu Polso asked on February 6, 2019

I have trouble exporting graphs into pdf files. If I’m using a grid view the export works fine. When showing some type of a chart Export To Pdf functionality shows an exception: “Failed to export. An unexpected error occurred.”
There are more details in browser’s console:
flexmonster.full.js:9 Export Charts error: ReferenceError: html2canvas is not defined
at eval (flexmonster.full.js:9)
at Function.c4e.(anonymous function) [as load] (webpack:///./~/flexmonster/flexmonster.full.js?:9:1357909)
at Function.u0k.n8 (flexmonster.full.js:9)
at Function.u0k.Ad (flexmonster.full.js:9)
at (flexmonster.full.js:9)
at r1I.nca (flexmonster.full.js:9)
at n1f.eval (flexmonster.full.js:9)
at n1f.S7.dispatch (flexmonster.full.js:9)
at (flexmonster.full.js:9)
at (flexmonster.full.js:9)
We have flexmonster running in a React app. Flexmonster’s version is 2.6.0. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this in JSFiddle.
Could you please tell me where to start?
Best regards,

1 answer

Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster February 7, 2019

Hi Hannu,
I recommend you to update to the latest build 2.6.13.
I should have fixes for React app
Please write me if you still have a problem.

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