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Can’t draw additional pivot inside Bootstrap modal

Jaime McDermott asked on August 25, 2017

I saw in an example elsewhere in the forum that you could create a custom drill through by creating a new pivot inside a Jquery UI modal. I updated that code to 2.4, and it still works here:
However my website uses Bootstrap (3.3.7), so we’d prefer to use modals from it to have a consistent style, plus including JQuery UI seems to create conflicts with Bootstrap. Unfortunately, when I use a Bootstrap modal instead of the JQuery UI modal, the Pivot is always rendered as a mostly blank box with a partial toolbar and the configuratorButton. If I update the fields via the configurator or resize the window at all, it will draw the component properly. Additionally, if I wait long enough, and call refresh(), it will also draw the pivot properly. I’ve tried using timers and event handlers on ‘reportcomplete’ to call refresh() at the right time, but I can’t get it to work consistently.
Here’s a fiddle that demonstrates this using very similar configuration to the working JQuery UI demo:
And here’s one that is a little closer to our configuration:
You can see in that second fiddle that adding a refresh 1 second after creating or updating the pivot works in sometimes, but does not work consistently.
Do you know why it isn’t drawing initially, and if so, is it a bug?
Maybe more importantly, can you think of a way to get around the problem in the short term without using a really long timer?

2 answers

Jaime McDermott August 25, 2017

After hours of tweaking, I tried removing the modal animation on a whim and it seems to have completely fixed the problem.
Here’s an updated fiddle with the fade class removed:
It would be better looking if the animation could be enabled, so if you have time to look into that, great!
Otherwise, we are unblocked and it’s not a huge issue to not have animations for the custom drill-through.

Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster August 25, 2017

Hello Jaime,
We are very glad everything works OK. Thank you for providing us with an updated fiddle. We will have a look at it. If we find a way to enable the animation, we will inform you. Let us know in case of further questions.

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