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Change the grid icons

Javier G. asked on October 3, 2018

Is there a way to change the small icons shown in the grid headers (filter, expand and such) ?
I know how to change the toolbar icons and add new ones but haven’t found a way to change these ones.

2 answers

Javier G. October 4, 2018

Ok, I found a way: editing the flexmonster-icons.woff file, adding the new icons there and then referencing them within the flexmonster.css file.
Thanks anyway 🙂

Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster October 4, 2018

Hello Javier,
I am glad to hear that you have found the solution by yourself.
This approach works. Also, you can include a separate icon font file and CSS instead of editing flexmonster-icons.woff and flexmonster.css. It will be easier to apply the updates of the newer versions of Flexmonster Pivot in case we update the styles. Please find more in the Сustomizing appearance guide.
Hope it helps.

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