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Change value of cell and give it a description

talha asked on September 21, 2022

Is it possible to edit a cell and put “*” instead of the value while keeping the total as is. And adding a definition of that “*” under the flexmonster?

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Solomiia Andrusiv Solomiia Andrusiv Flexmonster September 22, 2022

Hello, Talha!
Thank you for reaching out to us.
We kindly suggest using the customizeCell() API call to achieve the desired cells visualization.
This API call allows changing the data labels on the grid with their values unchanged underneath.
We have prepared an example with hiding all values behind the “*” using customizeCell():
You can see more examples of using customizeCell() in our docs:
Regarding your question about the footnote under the Flexmonster, we kindly suggest adding a custom text label under the Flexmonster container, e.g.:

<div id="pivot-container"></div>
<p>Add your footnote here</p>

We hope it helps.
Feel free to contact us in case of any other questions.

Solomiia Andrusiv Solomiia Andrusiv Flexmonster 6 days ago

Hello, Talha!

Hope you are doing well.

Our team is wondering if you had some time to look through the suggested approach of changing value labels on the grid.
Could you please let us know if it was helpful?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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