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Chart filter container is not showing correct details

Nirman asked on February 17, 2021

We are using Flexmonster with Angular with the below version:
Issue: The flexmonster chart filter container(.fm-charts-filters-container) is not showing all the list of rows/filters – it is missing the last one in the list. Please refer the attached document for more details in this regard.

ng-flexmonster – “^2.8.23”
Angular – 7.1.0

Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.


1 answer

Nirman February 17, 2021

In addition to the above, here is the report configuration for your reference:

  1. creationDate2021-02-17T20:01:04.572Z
  3. durationMONTH
  4. options:
    1. chart:
      1. showMeasuresfalse
      2. titleRequests not fully booked
    2. configuratorButtonfalse
    3. viewTypecharts
  5. slice:
    1. columnsArray(1)
      1. 0{uniqueName“[Measures]”}
      2. length1
    2. measuresArray(1)
      1. 0{uniqueName“task reference”aggregation“count”}
      2. length1
    3. rowsArray(3)
      1. 0{uniqueName“planner”}
      2. 1{uniqueName“address”}
      3. 2{uniqueName“area”}
      4. length3
  6. titleRequests not fully booked
  7. version2.8.24

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