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Chinese characters displays Incorrectly when i export pdf.

jiameichen asked on July 4, 2018

Hello,when I click the button ‘export pdf’, the file I get goes wrong that the Chinese characters in it displays Incorrectly 。
But when  I click the button ‘export excel’,everything works well。
I just do this in the following link
Please look at the attachments,the first picture comes from the pdf I export and the second comes from the excel I export.

1 answer

Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster July 4, 2018

Hello, Jiameichen,
Thank you for posting to our Support Forum.
For now, Flexmonster does not support Chinese export to PDF due to the exporting library restrictions. Therefore, we recommend using the other types of export such as Excel, Image, etc.
Please inform me in case of any other questions.

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