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Compressor for .net CSV memory stream

krishna prasad asked on December 5, 2019

We are using ASP.NET web api in which we would like to add Compressor dll for CSV
1) As we cannot add physical dll reference in to project,please share the steps to download from nuget.
2) Also, could you share the sample code to use the compressor.
3)  We do the following steps:
get the byte[] from server then stream = new MemoryStream(byte[]).
we would like to compress this stream.
Krishna Prasad

1 answer

Vera Didenko Flexmonster December 6, 2019

Hello, Krishna, 
Thank you for reaching out to us.
We would like to explain that due to recent changes in the Compressor’s logic, the Compressor is no longer used for CSV files.  
Now the Compressor’s purpose is to assist in preparing the data that is fetched from the database to be passed to Flexmonster in CSV format. 
Therefore, if we understand correctly and you would like to pass CSV data to Flexmonster, it can be passed without the need for the Compressor. 
Please feel free to write to us in case further questions arise. 
Best Regards, 

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