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Conditional Formatting not working

Chris Evangelista asked on August 20, 2019

Hi there,
We currently use Flexmonster in the Reporting tool of our product at Scout RFP. When selecting the Conditional Formatting feature, the window does not open. We do have a few questions:
1) Is this a known issue on Flexmonster’s end?
2) Are you planning to fix that and when?
3) Are there any plans to enhance your conditional formatting feature to format within text and date fields?

1 answer

Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster August 21, 2019

Hello Chris,
Thank you for the questions.
1) – 2) It seems that the Conditional Formatting feature works as expected on our end. Could you please reproduce the issue on our website demo?
Also, it looks like you have a customized toolbar (according to the screenshot provided), so we recommend double-checking the custom code for errors.
3) In case you need more advanced conditional formatting, you should use customizeCell approach. 
Please find more information on the blog post Grid customization and styling beyond CSS.
Please let us know if it helps.

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