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Configuration of Data speed accelerator for Mondrian

m.kumar10 asked on December 9, 2015

During the configuration of Data speed accelerator, I have copied the jar file  flexmonster-proxy-mondrian.jar and flexmonster.config file but during in same location of server but during execution of jar it is throwing error config file not found . Please suggest . I have followed the steps mentioned in the guidelines.

2 answers

Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster December 9, 2015

Hello Manish,
Thank you for noticing such issue.
It’s important to navigate in the terminal to the folder with flexmonster-proxy-mondrian.jar and flexmonster.config first.
I mean the error may be caused by the following execution:
java -jar /path/to/the/jar/flexmonster-proxy-mondrian.jar
instead of just:  java -jar flexmonster-proxy-mondrian.jar
Please try this workaround for now.
Also, we have added this issue to our bug tracking system.

m.kumar10 December 9, 2015

Thanks Ian ,
But still we are getting issue .Can you please guide us.It is showing reading config FAILED

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