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customization of toolbar

Paul Schlichter asked on February 22, 2017

Unable to get the new toolbar customization to work. I have downloaded the latest release as indicated in the following answer to an earlier question.
It looks like an issue and will be fixed in the next minor release 2.309 (ETA Feb 13).
Also, you can use a workaround to customize all instances of the toolbar by overriding FlexmonsterToolbar.prototype.
I can get it to work using the prototype as suggested. However that seems more onerous than necessary because I would need to define all of the toolbar items in detail. I would like to to get the tabs as defined in the default system, delete the ones I don;t want and then add any new custom ones. However I cannot seem to get the current tabs.
Could you provide some examples that work with the latest version?

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Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster February 22, 2017

Hello Paul,
Thank you for the question. Please have a look at the following example on JSFIddle. The first pivot instance has the toolbar with “Connect” tab removed. The second pivot instance has the toolbar with new tab added. We would be grateful for your feedback.

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