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Customizing line chart node

Anuroop Pendela asked on January 27, 2021

Hi team! I want to customize the size of the node in line chart. We are using flexmonster on the tablet screen to visualize stats using a line chart. Since the nodes are small it is tough to tap on these nodes. So, is there any possibility that we can increase the size of the node so it will become touchscreen-friendly? 

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster January 27, 2021

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Yes, it is possible to increase the size of the line chart nodes.
We kindly suggest using the afterchartdraw event to update the line chart nodes.
Please see the following JSFiddle example demonstrating the described approach:
For more details about the afterchartdraw event, please see the following guide.
Please let us know if this helps.
Kind regards,

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