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Dashboard creation from flexmonster reports

m.kumar10 asked on August 25, 2015

we are using flexmonster for adhoc reporting purpose in our product. we have exposed specific data cubes that is read by flexmonster and rendered to business user. This allows user to create just one report at a time. There is no feature where in user can save certain number (say 4 or 6) of reports and view those reports in one screen when user logs in next time.
Our customers are used to Pentaho reporting tool that also had provision of showing multiple (say 4 or 6) adhoc reports on the landing (or home) page, that are previously created by users. Such is called dashboard. These 4 or 6 adhoc reports would have been earlier created and saved by user with specific filter criteria and specific fields as report output. The dashboard shows all the reports in chart mode in stead of data/grid mode. Also each user can have his own dashboard where they define their own set of individual reports.
from the dashboard, user now can click any of the reports to do further analysis by choosing different filter criteria, different measures and generating report as if user is working on one report as usual.
Can you please advise if and when such feature would be available in Flexmonster.

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Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster August 25, 2015

Hello Kumar,
Thanks for the request.
Briefly, we do not plan to implement such feature in Flexmonster Pivot Table. The main purpose of the component is only to visualize the reports, not to store and manage them. Usually, developers use Flexmonster Pivot Table as a part of the solution you’ve described. Flexmonster provides all necessary API to create such dashboards and reporting tools. 
Also, please check the similar question about dashboards: Can Flexmonster component be used for dashboards?
Hope this helps.

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