Date column is split into day, month and year…..i miss the week


Date columns are automatically split into day, month and year columns, which is very nice…..but i would like to see a weeknumber as well. And preferably the iso-weeknumber, so 31-12-2018 (which is on monday) is defined by weeknr 1 (and iso-year 2019)
Is this something that will be added in a future release? If not, i have to put the iso-week and year in the dataset on the back-end.

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Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster March 15, 2019

Hello, Jaco,
Thank you for your interest in Flexmonster Pivot.

All currently available data types are listed here: To get the iso-week and year we suggest putting them in the dataset on the back-end.

Please let us know in case of other questions.

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