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Date filter reflects only day number

Sergii Valko asked on July 17, 2019

Hello! With a single date specified or just for a single date the data is present, the filter reflects the day number. So if I specify 05/23/2019, for example, the filter shows ’23’. This is not very helpful for a date filter. Is it possible to show the complete date? Please have a look into an example – https://jsfiddle.net/j6gLa7er/ 

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster July 17, 2019

Hello, Sergii,
Thank you for writing to us.
We would like to explain that when the year/month/day date type is used, the date is divided into three levels.
As a result, the filter can show only one of the levels: either the year, month, or day.
When a few elements are selected in the filter, then “Multiple Items” will be shown.
Please notice that if you open the filter, you can see the dates list/the configured conditions.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Best Regards,


Sergii Valko July 17, 2019

Got it. If we purchase premium support, can your dev team make a special modification like this for us?

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster July 18, 2019

Hello, Sergii,
Thank you for your question.
Currently, we have no plans on extending filtering customization options.
We kindly suggest checking out the other date types provided by Flexmonster, for example, date string, which are displayed in the Filter in the desired way.
Here is a JSFiddle example for illustration.
You are welcome to contact us in case of further questions.
Best Regards,

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