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Display a chart with multiple measures/values at once

Darius Studdard asked on October 14, 2020

We have a requirement for charting to be able to build charts containing multiple measures.  So in the attached image, for example, I’d like to build a chart containing both Quantity Used and Quantity Allocated.  Currently I’m only able to select and display one at a time via the default Flexmonster UI.  Are there any customization options that would allow us to achieve this?

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster October 15, 2020

Hello, Darius,
Thank you for your question. 
Multiple measures can be displayed on a chart at once by specifying the multipleMeasures chart option

options: {
chart: {
multipleMeasures: true

Here is a JSFiddle example:
Please let us know if this works.
Kind regards, 

Darius Studdard October 20, 2020

This works great. Thank you for the response Vera!

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