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display datetime MySQL column as a single column, not split in year, month and day

Eric Malalel asked on March 6, 2019

I use a MySQL database as a datasource, and I have a column which is a datetime in MySQL.
In FlexMonster, this column is split into year, month and day, which is not convenient.
I would like to have it as a single column, and be able to use the new 2.7 filters on it (I already upgraded to 2.7).
How to proceed?

4 answers

Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster March 8, 2019

Hello Eric,
Thank you for the question.
Actually, you need to change the default date type to D+, D4+ or ds+ (more details about date types are here: https://www.flexmonster.com/doc/data-types-in-csv/).
Using SQL query you can do it as follows:

SELECT date as 'D+Date', ... FROM ...

Please let us know if it helps.

Eric Malalel March 11, 2019

Hello Ian,
It works nicely, thank you. Date is displayed as expected, and the new date filter is available.
I noticed the date filter is not yet translated in French.
Do you have a schedule for this?

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster March 13, 2019

Hello Eric,

Thank you for writing to us. 

We have already updated our localization files to be compatible with the version 2.7.
Flexmonster’s up-to-date localization files can be found on our GitHub repository.
You can get the needed localization file from here.
You can also add custom translations. Here is a link to our guide how the pivot table can be localized.

Please let us know if everything worked. 

Best Regards,

Eric Malalel March 13, 2019

Thanks Vera, I have uploaded latest translation files and everything is translated now.

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