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Does flexmonster have a regular table component, without the pivoting capabilities?

Martial Tchuente N. asked on October 23, 2020

There are some data (in json format) I want to display in a table using flexmonster, but without any aggregation: Just some plain table where each property of the data object will end up a column header in the table.
Then the user can activate / disable columns they want the report to display.
sample data:

[{"id": "1", "surname": "Doe", "firstname": "John"}, {"id": "2", "surname": "Foster", "firstname": "Jane"}]

Sample result
id                | surname              | firstname
1                 | Doe                      | John
2                 | Foster                  | Jane
The thing is I just want to define the “dataSource” object (where I’ll only specify the type and data properties) and forget about the slice object. The user should decide what the report will look like by selecting the properties (id, surname or firstname) themselves. 
Thanks in advance.

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Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster October 23, 2020

Thank you for reaching out.
In addition to pivot forms (compact and classic forms), Flexmonster supports the flat form. The flat table serves to display raw data without any aggregation applied, as shown in your example.
The flat form can be activated during runtime in the “Options” tab of the Toolbar (see Layout options). If it needs to be displayed by default, set the grid.view property of the Options Object to "flat" as shown below:

var pivot = new Flexmonster({
report: {
options: {
grid: {
type: "flat"

In case the flat form is chosen by default, and no slice object is specified, Flexmonster will display all fields from the data set.
Next, the user will be able to remove chosen fields or reorder columns using the Field List.
You are welcome to see the JSFiddle demonstrating the described approach.
If you want the user to configure fields manually before showing the grid, we recommend the following approach:
In addition to the example mentioned above, specify the showDefaultSlice property of the options object as false. In this case, Flexmonster will show an empty grid and the Field List right after the initialization. The corresponding JSFiddle can be found by the link.
Please let us know if it works for you.
Feel free to contact us in case further assistance is needed.
Best regards,

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