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Drill Through columns with MSAS as Data source

Javier G. asked on June 14, 2018

I have MSAS Olap cubes as datasource and testing your tool succesfully with most of the features we need, but, is there a way to customize the columns shown after a Drill Through action?
I’m asking because we have more than a hundred different measures which means that if we get 400 rows within the Drill Through, we are showing 40.000 cells, which takes a considerable amount of time to render in the web browser. 
And, the most important thing is that our customers will not want to see all those measures, maybe just 5-10 columns for each report.

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Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster June 14, 2018

Thank you for writing.
As for the drill through, there is no option to control the columns in MSAS on the client. The server returns underlying table rows that were used to create a specified cell in a cube. But, it can be controlled by roles on the server. From Microsoft documentation:

Drillthrough security is based on the general security options defined on the cube. If a user cannot get some data by using MDX, drillthrough will also restrict the user in the exactly the same manner.

So, I guess it is possible to limit the number of columns on the server by using security restrictions.
Hope it helps.

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster April 2, 2019

Hello, Javier,

We are glad to announce that we have recently added the drill through feature.
Please note that in order to limit the number of fields which are returned by the drill through, the cube needs to be configured in a certain way (please see: ).

You are welcome to update the component.

Best Regards,

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