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Drilldown on Highchart

Ketan asked on January 2, 2017

I am looking for same effect of drill down as you have with flexmonster bar chart drill down effect. Drill down should go one step down by clicking plus icon and one more by clicking one more plus icon. In same way, one should come out by clicking consecutive minus icon.

  1. How should I format data for highchart so that it will drill down at n level as per flexmonster pivoting table structure? You have suggested approach for drilldown in google chart in one of your answer .How to do this for flexmonster?
  2. Is there any way(callback) by which we can tell flexmonster that highchart has drill down to nth level so that flexmonster should pivot its data grid to nth level. That means drilldown in graph will modify data in data grid structure.

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Iryna Kulchytska Iryna Kulchytska Flexmonster January 4, 2017

Hi Ketan,
Thank you for your questions. Could you please provide us with the Highcharts sample that meets your needs? It would be really nice to check if Highcharts support the functionality you described. This can be a simple sample with just Highcharts and static data, without our component.
Meanwhile, please let me try to provide you with the answers to your questions without the sample of Highcharts functionality that I was asking above:

  1. In the article “Integration with Highcharts” the property withDrilldown is described. withDrilldown property is illustrated with the JSFiddle sample that shows the drill down that Highcharts have. If withDrilldown property is too simple for your case, you always can use prepareDataFunction to preprocess the data in your own way. Please let me know if it can work for you.
  2. You can use drilldown and drillup events in Highcharts and use Flexmonster API calls inside the handlers for the modification of the pivot table. Please check expandData(), collapseData() and runqQuery() API calls and let me know if this approach can work for you.

I look forward to the Highcharts sample that meets your needs.
Kind regards,

Ketan January 20, 2017

expandData(), collapseData() Function are collapsing and expanding complete Category. I am looking for callback which will expand perticulat cell. Eg. USA will expand to Florida, Texas and India will expand to Delhi, Mumbai and not both USA and India at a time.

Will you please guide me if there is any such cell expandtion callback? If not, can you ask your team to add it as it is really important for enhancing charting library experience for my client

Iryna Kulchytska Iryna Kulchytska Flexmonster January 20, 2017

Hi Ketan,

Unfortunately, I don’t have a positive answer for you. There is no method to expand the particular cell on charts.


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