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Dynamic report height based on number of rows to display

Ashley Murphy asked on August 18, 2016

Is it possible for Flexmonster to automatically adjust it’s height to the amount of rows it’s displaying? We have many reports displaying on a single page, all showing a different amount of rows on a set of data, meaning a static height of 400px is displaying significant white space (or extra rows) on some of the reports?
We’d prefer that flexmonster didn’t show these extra rows if possible, otherwise we will have a manual task of setting a specific height for every report, which would take some time.
Any help appreciated,
(Sorry for yet another question!)

1 answer

Ian Sadovy Flexmonster August 18, 2016

Hello Ash,
Thank you for the question.
Unfortunately, there is no option to automatically adjust grid height.
The only available option is to hide empty cells using “fitGridlines” option –

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