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Error when filtering on Time and getting a Time based measure

Selim Namsi asked on November 26, 2017


I’m connecting Flexmonster (v2.4) to a Mondrian Cube (3.13) and I noticed that when I try to filter on time and at the same time display a measure that is based on a Time dimension like “Profit Growth (Gewinn-Wachstum)” in the foodmart example, I get an internal error in Mondrian something like: [a time dimension] not found among its siblings

I was able to reproduce the same error using the demo available on your website ( please see the attached screenshot ). I think it is a bug related to the generated query.

In order to reproduce the error, set “Time/Year” as report filter and add “Gewinn-Wachstum” in Values Fields. Once the grid is loaded, use the report filter to select one year ( for example 1998) and you’ll have the error.



2 answers

Roman Petrusha Roman Petrusha Flexmonster November 27, 2017

Hi Selim!

Thank you for reporting this. It seems like we have an issue with cube scheme. 
We will fix it soon.


Selim Namsi December 7, 2017

Hi Roman,
Were you able to fix the problem ?

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