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Feature Questions: Editable Headers + Currency fields

Patrick Berens asked on March 5, 2020

Hi ya Support,
Any chance Flexmonster supports or will support any of these features? 

1. Support the ability for users to edit column headers. i.e. ‘Sex’ -> ‘Gender’?
2. Support ‘currency’ fields. They want to be able to perform operations like on Numbers but maintain formatting of currency? i.e. Data would look like this: ‘$1,053.34’, ‘€2.00’ but you could ‘Sum’ them for instance.
Currently a blocker for some of our customers.

2 answers

Patrick Berens March 5, 2020

To give more context in regards to formatting for currency, I realize that this exists:

However, we don’t know until we construct the json remotely (and put into S3) what the currency symbols will be, or there formatting, or which columns they would be in. We just pass the S3 link into Flexmonster. Is there anyway to define this in the json being returned?

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster March 6, 2020

Hello, Patrick,
Thank you for writing to us.

  1. About the ability to edit column headers:
    We would like to explain that at the moment the captions for column headers can be set via the mapping property upon Flexmonster initialization.
    Kindly note that currently setting captions during runtime through the user interface is not implemented.
    We have added your request to our customers’ wishlist and we will notify you in case of any updates on the matter.
  2. Regarding a way to perform operations on currency fields:
    Thank you for providing additional details about your case. Our team kindly recommends the following approach:
    The idea lies in constructing a Flexmonster report object at the time when the JSON data set is being constructed and storing the report object instead of just the data set in S3.
    This way, since the columns and their desired currency types are known at this stage, their currency symbols can be set via number formatting in the report object. The created report object can later be passed to Flexmonster via the load() API call, for example:

Please let us know if this helps and if you have any additional questions that we can help you with.
Looking forward to your reply.
Kind regards,

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